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Obey the Ten Commandments! We are Free to choose the good. Love God and do what you will. With the help of Grace we live the Faith. Love always! Have charity! Galatians 5:6 . . . nothing counts but faith working through love.



Natural Law and Abortion

by Frederick Peter Pogorzelski

. . . a little introductory history . . .
The 21st century needs a revival of Naturalistic Jurisprudence. In the beginning of the United States, The Declaration of Independence mentioned “the Laws of Nature.” The Declaration of Independence, before citing “equality” and “life” and “liberty” as unalienable rights; first stated that these are “self evident.” Internationally, human law must conform too, and be the particular application of the Natural Law. A human society anywhere, and at any time, has to have some common values like respect for life and liberty. Without these common values, being protected by law, then their results a culture of chaos and death. The criminal character, of such acts as murder, have been regard as such, by God, from the beginning (Genesis).

Crimes Against Humanity

During World War ll, Hitler’s Nazi Germany mass murdered people, calling it “genetic purification.”
Hitler had been given dictatorial powers. Hitlers “Chancellery” dictated laws, orders, or actions in violation of Natural Law. At the close of World War ll, the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials took place, prosecuting the Nazi leadership. The Nazi’s claimed that: “they did not violate the laws of Germany, and they could not be prosecuted under British Law or American Law.” Some claimed that: “they did not know.” [about the mass murders in concentration camps.] The Nazi’s were prosecuted under the Natural Law for mass murder. At Nuremberg, Germany, one of the Nazi defendants, Albert Speer, avoided the death penalty. Much later on, while in prison, Albert Speer admitted – “we choose not to know”.

Notice especially, in the example of the trial of Albert Speer, that there is such a thing as Natural Law. There is such a thing as religious truth. Notice especially, that human life needs protection now; whether or not everyone in society has acknowledged that truth or not. Hitler’s architects of death, Albert Speer and others “choose not to know.” The Nazi’s killed tens of millions of people.

Killing Ten’s of Millions of People

When we effectively “re-define” murder as “legal abortion”; when we “re-define” a child in its mothers womb as a “specimen” we also “choose not to know.” We also kill tens of millions of people. The United States laws effectively “re-defining” murder as legal abortion, are a violation of Natural Law.

The Witness of Sacred Scripture. Life Begins at Conception.

There is no such thing as an “unwanted baby” ( Psalm 139:13-16 ) ( Jeremiah 1:4-5 ) ( Isaiah 49:14-17 ). James says that the body apart from the spirit is dead ( James 2:26 ). If the baby – a person – in the womb is not alive, there would be no one there to kill! A live baby has an eternal soul.
In Scripture, no distinction is made between babies in the womb ( Luke 1:41,44 ), and a newborn ( Luke 18:15-17). The same Greek word brephos is used.
Sirach 19:11 uses brephos in reference to a baby in the womb. Other passages where brephos is used are: Lk 2:12, 16; Acts 7:19; 2 Tim 3:15; 1 Peter 2:2; 1 Macc 1:61; 2 Macc 6:10.
The non-canonical 3 Macc 5:49 and 4 Macc 4:25 also use the Greek “brephos.” [a special “Thank You” to Robert Sungenis for his help with the Greek!}
It is enough just to be human to have the right to life; the Nazi’s didn’t agree and were convicted of mass murder. We can either obey God, and the Natural Law now, or obey Satan for all eternity – but we are going to obey somebody.

Prayer of Saint Thomas More

Lord, grant that I may be
Able in argument,
Accurate in analysis,
Strict in study,
Candid with clients, and
Honest with adversaries.
Sit with me at my desk and
Listen with me to my client’s p Saints,
Read with me in the library, and
Stand beside me in court,
So that today I shall not,
In order to win a point,
Lose my soul.

Saint Thomas More
” . . . Though they take our life
our goods,
our honor,
our children,
our wife
– yet is their gain small
– for these will vanish all.
Only the city of God remaineth! . . . ”

Saint Thomas More ultimately gave his life in obedience to God’s law.